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The Prophetics Cosmetics Bodypaint Blog — If you wanna know what’s new, fresh, or current in the world of Bodypainting, visit our blog to see the Bodypaint of the Day. Wanna know how to become a bodypaint model, or a bodypainter? We discuss that too. Want to know how to acheive a certain effect, read a how to, or know what tool is going to work best for a certain look or effect? We cover that. Basically, if you want to know about bodypainting, this is the place to come. Don’t see it yet, but want to? Write us! Are you a body paint artist who wants to be featured? Let’s chat!
Discover the artists, tools, tricks, products and techniques that put bodypainting and the bodypaint community at the cultural and artistic center of the most exciting art trend of our era.

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