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Dani MacLeod (Danimawl) is an artist in the Boulder area that Prophetics Cosmetics often works with, and we’re proud to feature her art on the Bodypaint of the Day blog, because she is simply one of the best face and body artists out there.

Dani operates her studio out of Boulder, Colorado and can be contacted via herinstagram (link above) for bookings and inquiries.

“Galaxy” is one of the many paint concepts on her instagram, and showcases our Pure Pigment in our newest colorshift product, not even offered on the store yet!

(Note: We are currently taking custom orders and presales for all colorshift tones — otherwise we are offering an “all 13” sampler set currently, this post will change when we put this color up on the store, as it has just come out of “test” phase.)

Danimawl‘s artistry expertly combines intricate swirls, geometric shapes, and vivid colors plus beautiful special effects, adhesives, and contact lenses to showcase that her makeup artistry completely transforms her into whatever concept she has chosen for her piece. Combining the realism of shape and form with the surrealism of seeing such shapes and form on the human body and face, Dani’s art is as ethereal as it is fascinating and intricate.

Founder Audra Hughes met Danimawl as the result of an odd coincidence between an acquaintance of Dani’s and an Uber ride through an unfamiliar part of town, during a time when Dani was first discovering that she wanted to be a professional bodypaint artist. Through Audra’s connection to the Denver Face and Body Art Jam, Dani started going to the art meetup, and started bodypainting as a paid artist a few years ago, though her lifelong artistry, illustration and design skills shine through her work in every piece. Dani‘s latest bodypaint creation for a public exhibition was a dance costume piece for the L’electrique Dollhouse Circus show in February of this year. You can expect to see many more pro exhibitions from Danimawl, as she continues to take high-profile bookings. You’re guaranteed to see a lot more of her as her starward-bound artistry takes her to ever more exciting places in the future, we’re sure!

We’re proud to feature Danimawl‘s stunning art and design on today’s Bodypaint of the Day blog, and it’s an even bigger honor that she chooses to use our products in her paint designs. Bravo and thank you, Dani!

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