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Welcome Mythica to the bodypaint of the day blog!

Featured today is Mythica’s “Colorful Zebra”, a bodypaint she showcased at the Sarasota Chalk Art Festival.

Mythica is one of the painters that Prophetics Cosmetics founder and owner, Audra Hughes, ever worked with. An inspiration to our founder, and fellow painter at many of the events Audra attended in the early days of the business, before Mythica appeared as a contestant on the game show Skin Wars. They met at a body paint meet of The Denver Face and Body Art Jam, back when all Prophetics Cosmetics sold were Pure Pigments and various mixing liquids, and Audra just taught classes to inform the bodypainting, facepainting and theatrical makeup communities how to make their own paints and kit supplies, in 2012.

Mythica has made it a long, long way since then. Still the brilliant bodypainter she ever was, she has now been on Skin Wars and gained a great amount of fame and notoriety for her very specific kind of bodypainting — Shamanic and Spirit Work body paint.

Mythica also works with chalk art festivals nationwide, and can be booked or contacted via her website.

A unique piece of camouflage body art, “Colorful Zebra” highlights the unique and beautiful things that can be done with body paint, and the way a model exhibits her vulnerability until covered by the loving strokes of an artist in touch with spirit work. Make sure to read the story at the link to learn more about the concept of bodyart as spirit work.

Mythica used conventional pan body paints and colored chalk to create this masterpiece, but if you wanted to create a camouflage art piece like hers, using Prophetics’ products, our Watercolor Gouache Bodypaints would be the perfect way to do it. Available in 70+ stock colors and any custom color on the Pantone Color Chart as custom paint, it’s a great way to create any bodypaint design your mind can conceive.

We are honored that Mythica has been a friend and inspiration during our years in business. From the idea that body and face painters should be able to obtain ethical and beautiful paints for every idea their mind could conceive, without having to worry about toxins in their paints or supplies, and that we could make that happen, we have grown and expanded, and we continue to drive towards a goal of seeing every artist thrive and succeed with tools and supplies they can trust and count on.

We are excited to continue to follow Mythica as she skyrockets toward greatness and toward her goal of spreading love, peace and understanding through bodypaint. We’re rooting for you, Mythica!

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