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Prophetics Cosmetics — who are we, and what are we about?

We stand by a number of inalienable tenets, that are written into our business charter. What this means, is that, as long as this company is in business, no matter who is in charge of it, no matter how big it ever gets, and no matter where you buy it (when we happen to expand), you can trust that these qualities will always be true of our products.



  1. We operate with ingredients that are of high quality, we make formulas that have the least amount of filler ingredients, and we strive for high ethics in every ingredient we use. This means that if we have to source an ingredient from an overseas source, it complies with free trade standards, whenever available. We try to minimize our impact on communities, wildlife and forests, and do not use ingredients that endanger people or animals, such as cochineal or palm oil, to name just two. We use organics as much as possible, from all locales. We never use anything that has a raw ingredient that does not comply with the “My Beauty Bunny” accord, meaning it is not tested on animals, is vegan, and is cruelty free. In addition, we do not test on animals, and everything we make is 100% vegan.
    We’re really into ethics.
  2.  We think there’s a real need for ethical theatre products, that are committed to the health of users.Stage professionals spend more time heavily made-up than anyone else, but yet, there’s a lack of ethical, non-toxic products for them to use on stage. We aim to fix that. For everyone, on stage and otherwise. So every product we make is formulated with concern for the health and well-being of our customers.3. There’s very few ethical, cruelty free, organic brands out there that make UV stuff, glow in the dark stuff, beautiful opalescents, vibrant colors, or anything runway-worthy. We aim to cure that too4. We have a commitment help those with crippling and life-taking disorders like MS. Some of our profit will always be donated to worthy medical endeavors, but we especially have a heart for autoimmune and brain disorders.

    5. We truly believe that labeling needs to be more transparent to consumers and end users, and that deceptive, misleading or indecipherable labeling of ingredients is a crime against human rights.

    Therefore, for every order we ship out, we offer these promises:

    a.) An instruction sheet when needed and applicable;
    b.) The ability to request an MSDS (material safety data sheet) for every listed ingredient;
    c.) A simple, understandable, fully outlined ingredient profile for each product;
    d.) A full money-back-guarantee for any products we make, which caused you any dissatisfaction — but especially if you are allergic or sensitive, with an offer to reformulate without the ingredient that bothers you, instead of a simple refund, if that’s what would suit you. Our products are hand formulated and hand made by skilled and experienced technicians, and we strive to have a loyal, happy following. Therefore, we are committed to offering our customers these options, every time, on every order.
    e.) We post all of our ingredients online, on the store listing, for customers to see clearly what they are putting on their skin. We believe that upfront transparency is the key to great products, great customer service, and lasting change in the cosmetics industry, and we believe it needs to happen now, to create a better, healthier world. We are happy to be one of the first in the stage and pro cosmetics industry to make this pledge and stand by it.
    f.) For every ingredient we use that the FDA limits, we fully disclose its specific limitations, so you don’t have to go looking around on ingredient websites to know that a liner that uses chromium oxide green, for example, is not FDA approved for lip use. As an FYI: we do have analogs for most restricted use colors, and we will happily formulate something the same or similar for whatever use you have in mind, within ingredient limitations.


6. We offer the best customer care in the business, hands down.
We strive to follow a model that rewards our customers for their loyalty and devotion, by treating them with the kind of care we’d like to see our families get, and we strive to be a role-model for the rest of the industry. We, as above stated, have a 100% money back or reformulation guarantee offer for every product we sell. If you write to tell us there was something that met with your disapproval, we’ll do what needs to be done to make it right.
We also offer personalized service; we connect personally via messages on any of our social media outlets, but especially facebook and twitter,  and we answer messages personally. Prophetics generally reacts to its customers not as if they were just strangers, but like every one of them is a friend not met yet. It’s part of Prophetics’ policy of treating every buyer like one treats a family member or dear friend, not like a number or a consumer. So few businesses in today’s world hold these kinds of policies, or speak with direct honesty and candidness with their customers, and it’s to the detriment of society. We aim to change that too.

If you believe none of what you are reading, simply go to the reviews page on the Etsy store, and view what people have to say about Audra, and about Prophetics. It speaks for itself. 3.5 years in business with a 5 star rating is not the result of shoddy treatment of customers, or unacceptable products!

In short, here are our tagline tenets:

  • fair trade wherever possible
  • environmentally friendly
  • low carbon footprint (we source locally as much as possible)
  • cruelty free
  • vegan
  • customer friendly
  • fairly priced
  • non-toxic
  • community oriented
  • charity-supporting
  • ethical in every way we can think of
  • a promise of full ingredient disclosure and simple formulations
  • always FDA compliant or better
  • cruelty free and vegan
  • not exploitative of the communities where raw ingredients are sourced
  • non-gmo and organic whenever possible
  • not exploitative of unfair labor practices anywhere in the world

We offer beautiful colors and finishes you can’t find being offered by most other companies with such a high set of standards. We strive to make high ethics the most beautiful option available. And we’re succeeding.

Nothing to lose, ethical people, ethical products, beautiful colors. On point inside and out. That’s who we are. We’re Prophetics Cosmetics, and we see the future…of cosmetics. Join us.

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