Prophetics Cosmetics has been a long and winding journey. It has taken the company a great deal of effort and sacrifice to get here.

Our backstory is honestly remarkable, and it starts with owner Audra Hughes, who is passionately honest about her products, deeply indebted to the support of the local theatre and alternate subculture scenes, and entrenched in the knowledge that responsible cosmetics are required in both scenes, and required by society in general.

First things first:
Our thanks…

A few notes from Audra.

There are some really instrumental people I need to thank, so i will do that here.
Please let me know if I have missed thanking you, because I never mean to miss any supporter of this business. If you find yourself on this list and want a backlink to your site, it would be my pleasure to list it here. Just let me know on facebook, via the contact form here, on on any of the other social sites where Prophetics can be found, and I’ll make it happen.

Christiaan Howard 

Christiaan is my webmaster, my best friend — no, my most dear friend and companion in this life, in the entire world. This is a person for whom I cannot adequately thank, who built me from the scorched earth every time my world burned down. Words will forever remain insufficient to describe the way that he has shaped my life in beautiful, irreplaceable ways. He is the whole reason this website exists, and is a great majority of the reason I have the courage and strength to keep going, to keep working at this endeavor.

The kind of brilliant business man, tactician, and strategist that is the powerhouse the world knows as Christiaan, isn’t born every day. In the immortal words of Prince, “those kinds of cars don’t pass you everyday”. He’s the kind of person that Steve Jobs would have hired to run things He’s the kind of man that any person would thank their lucky stars to know. I cannot put in words or overestimate the kind of brilliance he possesses. I cannot overestimate the kind of bright and shining positive influence he has had on me, or on this business. Words aren’t big enough, or expressive enough to do it. You have to know it’s saying a lot if a linguist is telling you that.

All of the things this company have ever been were shaped by Christiaan, and all the things it will ever be are a tribute to him, in some way. I have known him since I was young, and I believe very firmly that we will be friends forever. He is the single most steadfast and ardent supporter this company has.

Steven Schaumberg 

I have known Steven since I was 17 years old, working for him at a local dry cleaning operation in Denver Colorado. We lost track of one another somewhere along the way, and found each other again in 2007 in the Denver Goth scene. Steven was the first contributor to my impassioned plea to save this business on gofundme, has referred customers to me in person, to the site, and to the Etsy store, and has been a loyal friend and supporter.
Click to read Steven’s blog

Boudicca and David Caballero

Boudicca and David have been ardent supporters of Prophetics Cosmetics and good friends. I taught my first body paint formulation class to the Denver Face and Body Art Jam in the spring of 2012, at David’s behest, as I had long been an educator and was formulating by hand for individual theatre productions at the time. I quickly became a contributing member of the jam at that point in time, and it was at the urging and insistence of David and Boudicca, in addition to my students, that I started selling formulations online. Without these two crucial individuals, Prophetics Cosmetics would not exist. David and Boudicca have sent customers in person, to the stores and sites, and have contributed to the gofundme campaign, as well as sending makeup artistry clients and being generally very supportive and important to the foundation and support of the company.
Denver Body Art Jam on facebook
Caballero Arts and Entertainment

Michelle and Michael Zappe

To say that Michael and Michelle Zappe are some of the most important friends that I have ever known would be a great understatement.
Michael is a programmer and software engineer, and Michelle is a wonderfully devoted wife, mother and luminary. But this is also a great understatement in light of who they really are.
I have been friends with Michael since the time right before he married Michelle, and afterward, we were all quick friends. Michael and Michelle stepped in to help watch my daughter in 2009, when, 2 months after having my child,  I was forced to go back to CU to complete my degree in linguistics, 6 months sooner than expected. They have chipped in to help with medicines, and have been generally supportive and wonderful friends. They were the second largest supporters to the gofundme campaign.

Kevin Cohen – I have known Kevin as a fellow linguist and extraordinary boss and friend. I worked with him on the biomedical coreference annotation project at CU, and he has been an unflagging supporter, contributing to the gofundme campaign, and remains a wonderful moral supporter who sends encouragement and help whenever he is able to do so.

Stephanie Daniels – Stephanie is a former class mate of mine in elementary and middle school. She has been a wonderful friend and supporter, and contributed directly to the gofundme campaign.

Tracy Cady

Tracy is my cousin, and first friend in the world. Tracy and I grew up together, until her parents separated and she moved to a neighboring state. I did not see Tracy again for about 15 years, but when we reunited, it was magical. Tracy is a supporter of Prophetics and a contributor to the gofundme campaign.

Alex Weimer

Alex is the managing director of my favorite Denver theatre, The Bug. Alex has been a wonderful friend and supporter, and contributed to the gofundme campaign.

Michelle Grunden

Michelle and I met at a night of like minds known as Girl Night, a gathering of local friends, in 2005. She has been an unwavering supporter of the dream that is Prophetics, a true and loyal friend, and a contributor to the gofundmecampaign.

Kriska Daltonhurst

What conveyance of the kind of dear friend and amazing supporter would be sufficient to tell the story of Kriska and I? Even a wordsmith could not describe it…and I am one! Kriska and I met at the 2005 Girl Night aforementioned, and she’s been my buddy ever since. A tirelessly dedicated librarian, Kriska works to ensure that the youth of her library districts are informed, educated, entertained, and valued, and have ways to redirect their teenage angst in the form of programs and places to be and do, and be themselves. I can honestly say I wish I were a teenager in any of the library districts she has worked in, because it was people like Kriska, people who care for and love teenagers that saved my life when I was one. In addition, Kriska has been a loving and wonderful friend, and she and her longtime husband, Dave, have been a big piece of the cornerstone of friendship that I have built my life, and therefore my company, upon. They are the single largest contributors to the gofundme campaign, and have given their every effort and support to make the dream that is Prophetics stay alive throughout the progression of my disease (Severe MS) and have been a thrust under my endeavors. Better friends were never had by anyone.

Lori Sanderson

A fellow artist and performer, I know Lori from her days attending poetry readings with friends in Englewood in 2012. Lori is a friend and supporter of prophetics, and a contributor to the gofundme campaign.

Kami Lichtenberg

Kami is a warrior, a survivor, and a dear friend. We met at a place called Advanced Circuits, where I once held a day job, doing legal document review for a circuit board company. We remain friends to this day, though neither of us still work at AC. Kami has forged her own business and has been a supporter since the beginning of the inception of my company. She is also a contributor to the gofundme campaign.

Kelli Boyd 

I grew up with Kelli. She was my hero and my babysitter, when I was just a little girl. As a teen, I aspired to be as captivating and lovely as Kelli, my role model of beauty and class as a young child. We’ve have stayed in touch through facebook, and I remain enamored with her to this day. It was Kellie who first taught me about how beautiful makeup could be, and allowed me to experiment on her face (a daunting proposition when dealing with a little kid and makeup). Kelli is a lifelong friend and a contributor to the gofundme campaign.

Debbie Velarde 
Friends with my cousin, Debbie pitched in to be one of the earliest contributors and sharers of the gofundme campaign at her behest. She remains an ardent supporter of the company, and a friend.

Persona thanksl, and those who pitched in to help outside the gofundme campaign, with notes from Audra:

Cheryl Morrison (my sister)

Kathy Cady (my aunt)

Steve Cady (my uncle)

Kim and Michael Hughes (my parents!), whom I cannot thank enough. They have bought me supplies, housed the lab twice to much trouble on their part, convinced me, that though I was so far down as a result of MS, that I shouldn’t give up, not on this, and not on life. How does a person thank their parents anyway? These are the people that built me, and who still build me. I cannot adequately thank them. But I can write this and say that they have been a very important reason that I exist as the person I am, and that my business is still alive.

Peggy Haynes (my auntie)

Lily (my dearly beloved Niece, last name withheld)

Cheyenne (technically my second cousin by relation, but she’s so beloved that the relation belies the relationship. I love this girl dearly. Last name withheld)

Amy Hughston (my cousin, who also struggles with the same disease, and who stood behind me when I thoght everything was over, including this business)

Kristin Bailey, Lyndsie Clark, Allegra Fiorino and Anna dear friends, models and supporter since the beginning of the business that is Prophetics

My church, St Mark’s Coptic Orthodox, in Englewood Colorado; Fady Hanna, who helped me with rent when I suddenly could not help myself due to disease progression, and my dear, wonderful most loved priest, Father Yacoub Soliman, who helped monetarily, spiritually, and emotionally by praying for me, staying in contact, and making sure I’ve been OK since the beginning. To my dear friend Kit, Of st. Mark’s, who made the trek out to see me in the boonies, bring me holy oil from Egypt, comfort me in the face of increasing disease progression. To the entire congregation of my wonderful church, thank you for being here with me.

My wonderful doctors, Dr. Alessandro Testori, Dr. Issac Melemed and Dr. Itay Melemed, of the Immuno E and Horizon Primary care Clinics. These are the only health professionals who ever listened to me when I said I hurt all the time, who made exceptions to see me when my insurance dropped me, who pushed for the tests that finally got me diagnosed, and who worked tirelessly to figure out what was wrong. Especially Dr. Testori, who is saving my life currently. I will never be able to express my thanks to this wonderful man.


Over the three years we’ve been in business, it has been our customers that have kept us alive.

So much love to you all…you’ve made a dream come true for me and mine at Prophetics.

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