2 oz Liquid Waterproof Bodypaint


FREE SHIPPING to the US, Canada and Mexico
2 oz Liquid Waterproof Bodypaint  – Perfect color, perfectly transfer-resistant and Waterproof.


Product Description

2 oz Liquid Waterproof Bodypaint – FREE SHIPPING to the US, Canada, and Mexico
2 oz Liquid Waterproof Bodypaint  – Perfect color, perfectly transfer-resistant and Waterproof.

Our 2 oz Liquid Waterproof Bodypaint can be applied using a brush or airbrush gun to create designs with stunning, beautiful colors, and lasts until it is washed off with soap or isopropyl alcohol. Once dry, this paint does not crease, transfer, or melt off of the skin when in contact with sweat or water.

Whether you seek to recreate the Statue of Liberty’s patina green or the sparkling, colorshifting scales of a dragon, using our 2 oz Liquid Waterproof Bodypaint is the way to do it. We can create any color you can imagine, and you’ll be able to dip your model in a pool, take pictures of your model in the rain, or create any bodypaint design imaginable with our innovative, waterproof and transfer-resistant liquid bodypaint.

2 oz Liquid Waterproof Bodypaint — how much will it cover?
2 oz. is a sufficient amount for most designs, for filler colors, and will cover about the top half of a 5’5 model with an average bust size and who fits a 7 to 10 dress size. We also sell a larger (4 oz) paint size if you need to cover more area or you are painting a model larger in any dimension than our given example.

2 oz Liquid Waterproof Bodypaint can be made in any color to match your design ideals. To order the perfect color for your project:

1. Go here and pick a color. Write down the PMS number or name (example: “Reflex Blue” or “PMS 100”).

2. Specify whether you want it:







Send a picture and description of the exact color you are trying to duplicate to our master formulator.

Once your order is received and we have been notified of the color you are requesting, your bodypaint order will be sent to you within 5 to 7 business days, along with an emailed copy of instructions for use. Please read and follow these instructions exactly, as these are the key to making sure that you get the waterproof or transfer-resistant look you’re after for your design.

The fact that this bodypaint stands up to some of the most demanding environments, and provides exactly the color you desire makes it amazing. In fact, we think you’ll find it’s “the best in the biz”.

Fine Print:
(If this is your first time using this paint, you do need the sealant, some sprayable isopropyl alcohol, a palette, and a brush with which to apply it. We offer these materials, for those that need to acquire them, in our kits, on the main store. We also offer our wonderful waterproof sealant and mixing liquid for purchase as a separate item, on the main store. Please know that all waterproof claims are contingent upon sealing your final design with our waterproof sealant and mixing liquid.)

Please note that, while this paint is safe for use on the face, it is not recommended. This paint is alcohol based, and is not to be used on eyes, on sensitive or abraded areas, on open wounds, or in close proximity to mucus membranes.

Denatured SD Alcohol – Acrylates Copolymer – Propylene Glycol – Organic and Inorganic Pigments

FREE SHIPPING to the US, Canada and Mexico

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