4 oz Water Resistant Sealant


4 oz Water-Resistant Sealant by Prophetics Cosmetics is the key to creating flawlessly transfer resistant and fully waterproof bodypaint designs.


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FREE SHIPPING to the US, Canada, and Mexico! 4 oz Water-Resistant Sealant by Prophetics Cosmetics is the key to waterproof bodypaint designs.

Perfect for use with our  2 and 4 oz Waterproof Liquid Bodypaints, designs will not smear or budge at all, once both the paint and the sealant have dried. Your design, once set, can then be fully immersed in water or rubbed, even vigorously, and will not be altered by moisture, or transfer upon contact.

All Prophetics Cosmetics paints do perform best when sealed, so this is a “must-have” item. For pro artists, a makeup kit isn’t complete without a high-performance sealant, and we think this one outperforms most other sealants on the market by leaps and bounds.

Check out the video our customer made, demonstrating just how well this product performs against rubbing and friction.

Also check out this picture of one of our models, fully bodypainted and immersed in water:


In order to make our 2 and 4 oz Waterproof Liquid Bodypaint fully submersible, this sealant is needed. Unsealed paints are transfer resistant once dry, but are only fully waterproof if a final seal coat of Prophetics Cosmetics’ 4 oz Water-Resistant Sealant is used. These two products should always be used in combination with one another.

4 oz Water-Resistant Sealant is safe to use on all body areas, but is not approved for use on the face or on mucus membranes, and should not be applied to injured, broken or abraided skin or open wounds, due to the fact that this is an alcohol-based sealant, and may cause irritation.


Denatured SD alcohol — Propylene Glycol (food grade) — Acrylates Copolymer
Less than 2%: Silicone Emulsifier Complex — Leuconostock Radish Ferment (preservative).


FREE SHIPPING to the US, Canada, and Mexico

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