Prophetics Cosmetics aims to take apart beauty and the beauty industry, bit by bit.
The primary goal is your empowerment.
The days of not knowing what goes into your beauty products, how those ingredients affect you, how they affect the environment, and how they affect the other living beings on this planet should end. NOW.

That’s where we’ll start.

Prophetics Cosmetics makes ethical and hypoallergenic cosmetics for beauty enthusiasts and pro artists in vivid, rare and beautiful colors. We make water-based and waterproof body paints, professional quality glamour cosmetics, and theatrical and stage cosmetics. All of our products adhere to a strict ethical standard, and our ingredients are disclosed explicitly, so you know exactly what you’re getting, before you even order.

Read about products, artists who’ve helped us get here, ingredients and how they affect you, and get the “dish” on insider and industry info on the blog.

Learn from our formulation master, how to make your own beautiful products. Prophetics Cosmetics now offers classes locally, and shortly, Prophetics Cosmetics will be offering online courses, teaching formulation methods and offering premixed cosmetic bases for students of the Prophetics Cosmetics Method. You can always find info on our upcoming events on this site.

With our ready-to-use products, Prophetics Cosmetics promises to follow an ethical standard which prioritizes your health, and the health and well-being of the world we live in. You can always find out what’s in a product Prophetics Cosmetics makes, in letters that are large enough to actually read. Being able to trust a company at its’ word, that the products you are buying are as beautiful inside as they are outside, is the Prophetics Cosmetics way — looking beautiful should never come at a cost to your ethics or your health.

Prophetics Cosmetics has your back, whether you’re a gung-ho aspiring creator, a concerned consumer, or just a person who wants to use products that are truly beautiful, in every way.
Come and discover the future with us — we aim to create it with you.


FREE SHIPPING ON ALL PRODUCTS to the US, UK, Canada and Mexico!
Yes, you read that right. If you buy anything we sell through the website, shipping is FREE!



We offer makeup formulations made with a high-percentage of pigment, in colors that you won’t find elsewhere. Prophetics Cosmetics is one of the only companies anywhere in the world to offer clean, ethical, cruelty-free stage cosmetics which are actually good for skin. Prophetics Cosmetics acts fairly and ethically with our customers too, and strives to provide the best quality guarantees and customer service in the business; if there’s ever a question you need to have answered, representatives of our company, involved in the actual production of the products, are simply an email away, and all products are hand-made and not factory outsourced. Finally, Prophetics Cosmetics is on every major social media site, and strives to maintain active and personal relations with all who connect there. Come experience the benefits of high quality, ethical makeup and superior service with Prophetics Cosmetics.

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